Carrots Francaise

Okay this is an easy one, a nice alternative to traditional carrots. I think I made it up myself after eating similar carrots at a French restaurant. Use whatever amount of carrots that will suite the number of servings you want, then taylor the rest of the ingredient amounts to taste. The carrots should have just a slightest amount of firmness when they are done. They are overcooked if they turn out mushy.

carrots, finely julienned
garlic, finely minced
sugar, to taste
salt, to taste

The carrots should be julienned into pieces about 3" long and ⅛" by ⅛" in cross section. Steam the carrots until they are cooked just short of the desired tenderness. Be careful because carrots this thin cook very quickly, and will continue to cook when they are mixed with the garlic butter. Lightly sauté the garlic in butter until limp but not browned, then add the carrots and toss them in the garlic butter mixture. Finally, sprinkle them with just a small amount of sugar to offset the bitterness of the garlic, salt to taste, toss a bit more and serve.

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