Peach Cobbler

Cobbler is easy to make and you can use almost any fruit you like. Here's my recipe:

2-3 sliced peaches
5 T. sugar
2 T. flour
1 C. Bisquick
1 T. butter

Filling: Place peaches in bottom of baking dish. Mix 4 T. sugar and flour, sprinkle on top of peaches, then sprinkle with cinnamon.

Topping: Mix Bisquick, 1 T. sugar, butter and enough water to make a dough. Roll out the dough and form it over the peaches. Ventilate the top using a knife and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Bake at 350° until the top is lightly browned.

Note: I found the cobbler article at Wikipedia to be rather interesting reading.

Credit: My family recipe.

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